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Post news RSS Last of Humanity: Setting up the Internet [Dev Post]

Dev Post on how we are going with Setting up everything on the Internet for the new zombie game "Last of Humanity"

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Dear Zombie Killers,

Its been a few weeks since i`ve seen the last survivor, currently i am running out of food. About down to my last few finger sandwiches(Pun intended).

Journal Entry: 4/15/2013

*P.S. Seems like the sky is going haywire, I don`t remember ever seeing purple at sunset...

After the last few weeks of working towards a common goal with a few dozen people. It came to the point we are ready to start publishing information on our game. We official settled on a Name for it "Last of Humanity" rather good name, was nice. The domain was not only free, but every single one of them were available (SCORE) So I published the Company on indieDB, and I believe its on Desura, and now im working on publishing the game itself. This post is just Showing a Few of the Things we have gotten taken care of before we start showing off <3

Twitter: Last0fHumanity
Website: LastofHumanity.com
Email: support@lastofhumanity.com

We will be posting information and links to the teamspeak the forums and the such as we finish a few more things over the next few weeks, our next step is to be accepted by "IndieDB" and publish our stuff so we can get on Desura, then we will be pushing to Steam <3 Love them <3

Ok Zombie Killers, it was nice chatting with you for the first time. I Bioblaze Payne Salute you in a Non-Weird-Zombie-Like-Way :3 Promises

Bioblaze Payne

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