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This is a Update on the Recent Release of Information on the "Last of Humanity" a Procedurally Generated Persistent Mass Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. Check out the new Release of the Newest Images!

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Today is a good day to shoot a zombie, but we wont be shooting them just yet. Everything is going good for our May 1st, Announcement day on when the alpha test will be playable and videos along with some simple tutorials on the game itself will be launched. We got some Exciting things planned for the next few weeks, its kinda getting hard to keep it all under-wraps but Ive been doing a decent job of it. I think...

Few things to Announce, the Launcher for the Game will be in the Download Section of IndieDB here soon! That is right, the game launcher itself will be pushed out and waiting for when we announce "Alpha Day" when we announce that day and as we move towards it, small amounts of assets will be downloadable. Slowly adding up towards the Alpha Test. We will have people testing the Pre-Alpha of course before this happens, but we will be having people post here for it, or on our website, which we are currently having worked out.

Our Website! Soon you`ll be able to signup for the "Pre-Alpha" testing of "Last of Humanity" as to allow a few pieces of game artwork to leak to the web. We want to show people the world, we just don't want to show them a world. That has nothing it it besides White Boxes that Represent what "This is" and such.
So as more Art Assets are being Developed the more we will be incline to release.

Our Kickstarter! We will be doing one shortly after we have a few more things done, and of course our Kickstarter video. As of right now we are just working out ideas, on what things we will give out for the people who back us, as well as other things. We would love to hear what the people want.

What do you want? What do you wanna see on the Kickstarter? What do you want to see for the Backers? What Kinda Items? Gizmos? Gadgets? Do you have hidden away you would love to see in a Zombie Game. Or at least, what you think everyone else will see *Winks*

Now we have a few more things to cover but I just am going to say 1 thing. "Animals"

That is it nothing else. Not even going to Explain, you`ll be too scared to even play the game if I do.

So we`ll leave it for another day, let people simmer on the idea. Post your Comments to what you wanna see, and of course ask me some questions on the "Animals" >:3 Ill see what I can tease you with.

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