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This is a Update on the Recent Release of Information on the "Last of Humanity" a Procedurally Generated Persistent Mass Multiplayer First Person Shooter. Check out the new Release of the Newest Image!

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Today is a good day for the dead, the world is turning out nicely. Our high poly models are doing wonder even with the draw calls. Things are going well, we got Steam Greenlight working. Waiting to publish a few more things on here before updating both this and Greenlight.

Concept artwork is looking good here we see a "Level 3" Style of infected. As you can see weeks of not eating humans, the elements, and just the general wear and tear of zombie life. Has forced this Zombie to her knees, I mean stomach. As you can see the artwork is turning out wonderfully, in our search for developers to join the team it has caused many annoyances but many smiles. We have had some great people contact us asking if they need services, and the like. We are attempting to get there, it may take a little more time before we can hire a crew. Currently this is coming out of our own pockets, we have no backers nor people with massively deep pockets who will throw money at us.

We are leaking out the Concept artwork slowly for 2 reasons, we want to make the artwork look nice and by nice I mean with the logo on them. We want to select which piece of artwork is show and of course how it should look. Each given time and alittle bit extra to make it look just a bit more nasty.

We have decided on a few things in development, the next artwork we will release too you will be of interesting looks. I hope you will like it, also going to do a Poll, what city would you rather have for the First alpha that will happen in the next months?

New York
San Fran
Los Angles
Washington D.C.
New Orleans

You guys choose, we will be aiming for 1 full type of tileset for that city. Each Other Month after Alpha we will be releasing new Tiles and eventually new full Tilesets for Generation of new Cities.

Ohh I may have given out a bit 2 much information ^_^ hopefully our Public Relations Supervisor doesn't see this post. hehe.

Be safe Zombie Killers, and may the dead stay dead and your bats be bloody!

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