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The new update 1.3.7 is here with new quality-of-life improvements and the gift as we celebrate 10k registered players in the game!

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Hello Last Mortem players!
Today, we are here with another regular update, the penultimate update of 2021.
Check out the newest update showcase video:

But before we jump into the changelog, we are announcing that the title Last Mortem has as of 12/5/2021 more than 10k registered player accounts!

We invite you to celebrate this milestone, which was one of our set goals for this game. We sent to each of you who registered until 5/12/2021 the new legendary weapon which won't be available to get in the future. The name of the weapon is symbolic - Triumph, it's a secondary revolver with great stats. Celebrate our milestone together with us by using the Triumph!

The newest patch 1.3.7 comes with various quality-of-life improvements.
- Gun Race game mode now includes 2 new possible loadouts - one with silver and gold classes of weapons and only-sniper loadout
- The gameplay now includes counting your killstreak such as double kill, triple kill, killing spree, etc.
- Sniper rifles with fullscreen scopes has now a new variety of scope styles
- We added the long-awaited Offline Mode - finally you can play the game also without an internet connection
- One of the old Alpha maps is back under the name - Tropical City. The map has been redesigned, includes better AI pathfinding, fixed colliders, and other changes
- Damage of the Helicopter killstreak was increased
- Changing the quality settings will change also the view distance of the player camera - by this step we want to save even more fps for players with weaker machines
- The patch comes also with other minor bug fixes, optimization changes, changes in gameplay, etc.

New map - Tropical

Gift gun - Triumph

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