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Post news RSS Last Mortem ALPHA 1.2.8 was released!

The new patch for Last Mortem is now live! Including limited sale, new weapon and item, helicopters, better optimization, new features, and bug fixes!

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Greetings to everyone, the new patch 1.2.8 was successfully released! Detailed changelog can be found here Jurajhusek.wixsite.com and now lets run through the most important things that are finally available in Last Mortem!

As the summer 2020 and holidays are coming to an end we give the opportunity to get some limited stuff in our game! We started "The end of Summer Sale" which includes 2 limited character models - US SpecOps and Soviet Agent! These two characters cost only 1 Credit and will be available in the Store only until 9/7/2020.

The end of Summer Sale

The new patch brings you also the new legendary grenade launcher - Dragon MGL. This powerful demolition weapon is now included in the sale and costs only 4000 Credits (30% off)! So you have an exclusive chance to own the legendary weapon! We also added a new item - Timed Bomb (explodes after 10 seconds) that can be now picked up in your Inventory!

Last week was full of positive feedback on our new upcoming vehicles. So we give you a chance to play with our WIP (unfinished) helicopter - Little Bird in our Leviathen map. Remember that the development of these vehicles isn't ended but you can try their current stage!

Little Bird helicopter

Probably the most notable thing that you can spot in the new patch are graphics changes. As more players with low-specs PCs are playing the game, we made a decision to lower down the game graphics a bit. We did the huge shader changes, optimized textures and more 3D models optimization got our attention. But don't worry, the game looks still gorgeous. These graphics changes are most notable in the low in-game settings (disabled shadows, disabled camera effects, disabled blur, low texture quality). The performance of the game was boosted up a bit but this isn't the end of our optimization process. We will continue with performance-boosting so the game will look gorgeous and work smoothly at the same time!

Changes can be seen also in our Store and Inventory system. The Store was removed from matches and can be now accessed only in the Main Menu. The chaotic UI from last patches was removed, the store is now divided into 3 sections: 1. Sales, where you can buy some rare limited stuff for the small price; 2. Premium/Silver weapons offer; 3. Bronze weapons that can be all bought in the store anytime you want. In the Inventory, you won't see all of the weapons while picking up your weapon anymore. You will see only the equipment you own.

Last Mortem Store

We added a new game mode - Gun Race. It's deathmatch based game mode where you will switch the weapon each second kill. Gun Race has 2 balanced default weapons orders. The kill limit for this game mode is 22 kills so it is very dynamic and fun.

The last notable change is in the shooting mechanism. Most of the weapons now shoot physical bullets. Every weapon has its own muzzle velocity speed so it's more challenging to play the game. This change is now WIP so don't hesitate to give us some feedback!

Of course, we fixed tons of different bugs, changed many UI elements and settings. The game is more and more stable and prepared for the BETA stage that will happen in the following months! We work hard to make the game better and more playable. Big things are planned for the near future, you will see some information very soon!

Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

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