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Post news RSS Last Mortem ALPHA 1.2.3 was released!

A new patch with tons of new content was released and is now available for the public!

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we've just released the new Patch 1.2.3! A detailed report can be found here: Jurajhusek.wixsite.com

Our aim was to add some new weapons, we added these:

  • Silent Killer - Type-56 with the silencer (Level 4 and up)
  • Colt M16 - M16A1 with burst fire mode (Level 7 and up)
  • Bandito - shotgun weapon (Level 5 and up)
  • Lynx - Famas with the reflex sight (Level 10 and up)
  • Firing Toaster - M60 with holographic sight and better stats (Level 30 and up)
  • ACR - assault weapon (Level 20 and up)

Weapons from the old Special Offers are now added to the unlocking system:

  • M16A4 (Level 17 and up)
  • AKS-74uS (Level 43 and up)
  • M4 Specialized (DELUXE only)

We also fixed bugs regarding the Login Menu and Main Menu UI, we changed a few settings and also options. Some weapon stats were changed the same as level settings.

We also added a new Special Offer! This week you can play with a very powerful Firing Toaster weapon! This weapon is available for all players for free! The detailed report about the Special Offer is here: Jurajhusek.wixsite.com

This patch is planned to be available for 1 week (6/12/2020 - 6/21/2020). Don't waste your time, jump into the battlefields of Last Mortem, collect, destroy, and play like a Legends!

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