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The new Trailer, it is shiny and still pretty silly.

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You watched that other trailer and got confused? No worries here is one that clears things up! (I hope)

If you saw the old Launch Trailer and never heard of the game before you might got pretty confused. This new one is also more condensed and it actually has some text in it. There was some misunderstanding that it is a easy casual game. But instead it is a really challenging game with arcade-ish controls. Beside the story mode and the different randomly generated infinity riding modes is also features tons of cool things that add to its depth. I hope this new Trailer clears things up.

The Trailer got also featured by Rock Paper Shotgun! Steamcommunity.com

The Escapist covered it with a funny little article: Steamcommunity.com

As The Escapist also pointed out there is a Greenlight Page here: Steam Greenlight page and you can of course also get the game here on Desura. When Last Knight makes it on Steam you will also get a Steam key no matter where you purchased it.


Hah, I love hte wackiness of your game. Puts a smile on my face and makes me wanna play!

Great job with the new trailer. It's the best to date!

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