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2021's Last Devlog with a bonus tip on animation.

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Hello again IndieDB!

As this is the final Devlog we'll be posting this year we thought it would be a lot of fun to share a work in progress scene as well as a sample of the roll ability we implemented at the start of this year. But also pass along a small piece of advice that's been very helpful to us while working in Unity. Although this can be applied to most any animator or game engine these days.

Hope you enjoy the cutscene!(Please note the voice over and sound effects are not present yet)

Here's a few clips of the roll ability.

Lastly I thought it was worth sharing how that last hologram panel animation was achieved and how it took less than 2 minutes to go from non existent to finished. Already having an idea of how I wanted it to look I set the base motion.

Here's a view of the curve settings.

obviously that's far too boring. So using curves you can very quickly give it some extra movement which adds things like wind up or anticipation of movement and so on.

and you get a very pleasant animation that took less than 2 minutes to finish.

While all animators already use those tricks it can be invaluable for those who don't have experience with animations and just need some pretty and non basic movement.

Thanks for reading this far, and if you find the project interesting or have played the demo on Steam, please consider giving us a vote for upcoming indie game at the top of the page. It means a lot to the team and really helps keeps us all motivated.

Thanks again.

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