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Post news RSS Last Dev Log of "Planet27" and first Dev Log of "Grimstar"

Next devlog for the Real Time Strategy/Tower Defence Game „Grimstar" (old Name Planet27).

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Hi, welcome to last Dev Log of "Planet27" and first Dev Log of "Grimstar".

New Name:

The Game has a new Name, it's now called "Grimstar - Crystals are the new Oil"

New Publisher:

We now work together with the Publisher. They take over part of Steam publishing, marketing and so on. They also support me for Localisation and Some Ideas for improve the game.

New Models, UI and main Menu:

I have replaced the complete UI, including main menu and in Game UI. Now it's more space free on the screen.

A lot of changes but the gameplay is still the same, you need to collect the crystals on each map in a given time. But there will be some additional goals like collecting artefacts or destroying the outpost of another company.

Steam Page:

We have now a Steam Page, so you can put the game on your wishlist and follow it (:

Release Date:

The Planned Release Date is on October 2021. Demo on Itch.io: The Demo on itch.io will not be updated anymore. But there will be a Free Version on Steam in the future.

and now some Videos and pictures of the new look of the Game:

ScreenShoot 17 06 2021 10 00 59

ScreenShoot 17 06 2021 10 05 25

ScreenShoot 17 06 2021 10 08 22

ScreenShoot 17 06 2021 10 08 34

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