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These are the last few days of our IndieGoGo campaign and you can still get Early Access to the game. We'll also talk about new character models we are making to be featured in this first Early Access release of 3:00am Dead Time

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Hi there!

As we enter the last few days of the indiegogo campaign for the game, we have decided to make one additional discount to the multiplayer perks of the game, for a limited amount of copies, to let you try it and be part of the Early Access versions that we are currently developing. in this article we will talk briefly about this new perks for the game, as well as the new characters we are developing :

3:00am Dead Time is a single and multiplayer horror game where you and your friends will be Paranormal investigators working for a TV show, traveling across the United States to find the scariest and deadliest phenomena, from ghouls and ghosts to aliens and demons.

Split into Episodes full of mystery and dangerous encounters, each Episode has its very own, unique story, characters and locations. Learn the story and the background myths through the Flashback and Prologue levels, and uncover the truth while facing the unknown creatures in the Investigation stage. Unlock cameras, recorders, motion trackers and dozens of different items to help you during your different missions, ask the help of experts and use different amulets to protect yourself or face the paranormal entities.

You can go now to IndieGoGo and support the development. All your help will be greatly appreciated, and you will be part of the Early Access for this game, now approved on Steam.


We are currently working fast on the Early Access version of the game and as part of our goals of making this release a big improvement over the Pre-Alpha demo both in content and quality, we've made a HUGE set of libraries and utilities that will help us manage and develop the game much faster. The Net code and multiplayer management backgrounds are ready for both LAN and Steam-online gameplay, with several successful tests.

Many new graphical features are being studied and tested to integrate them to the game during the next versions, including basic hair physics, better shaders and rendering, improved filters and effects, some basic cloth physics and dynamic normal maps for extra layers of detail. We are also improving the level of detail of our characters, as you can see in the next pics :

But at the same time, we are also improving greatly the level of detail of every prop in the game, which allows us to have better control of the overall quality and make a more precise management of LODs to get a better performance. The upcoming versions of 3:00am Dead Time will look and play better.

We keep working fast and without stop in the new release, and with all the work our programmer and artist are making to set a solid core, you will see a LOT of new content very soon. Be part of this project, support the development of the game and play the game before anyone else, by funding us and getting early access on IndieGOGO.

Thank you for reading, and see you in the next article, with a new teaser trailer for Episode 1 of 3:00am Dead Time!

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