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Cunning and stealthy, the Rogue class is perfect for players looking to sneak up on enemies and unleash a flurry of attacks and combos up close. Also, who doesn't like wielding katanas?

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Hey guys! Ishuri back again with another devlog this week! This week we get to show off the long anticipated Rogue class! Cunning and stealthy, the Rogue class is perfect for players looking to sneak up on enemies and unleash a flurry of attacks and combos up close. Also, who doesn't like wielding katanas?

To start this off this week, I'd like to share the first weapon Rogues will be capable of using, and man does it feel awesome to run around with!


At the moment Katanas only have a single combo move consisting of 2 attacks. They will be getting the same treatment as unarmed fighting, complete with heavy attacks and fun chain-able combos. This is also one of 2 weapons Rogues are able to wield. The other will be revealed at a later date.


Become temporarily invisible outside the enemy's vision radius. Using abilities excluding Blind Side will break stealth.

Just a couple of points about stealth.
- To other players, you will be completely invisible outside your stealth radius. Party members will still be able to see you.
- Taking damage within 1 second after activating stealth will cancel it. This is to help prevent stealthing during fights or combos.
- Using Blind Side will grant you Stealth Immunity for 0.5 seconds. This prevents you from being seen within your stealth radius. Breaking stealth will cancel this.
- NPCs are unable to target you/chase you outside your stealth radius.
- Taking any damage will break stealth.
- Running into any unfriendly mobs will break stealth. Running into party members will not break stealth.

Blind Side

Dash forward. During the dash you are granted 0.5 seconds Stealth Immunity. Blind Side can only be used while stealthed.


Strike rapidly with weapon. Up to 5 strikes over 1 second.


Swing your weapon in a large arc leaving damaged ground. The damaged ground deals AoE damage to all inside the cracked ground.

I think I'll avoid announcing PvP videos and the likes until we actually do them. Although we do have something really special in the works, and I personally can't wait to share it with all of you!

Luke has been hard at work preparing our "secret project" for Land of Fire, this is what he's done so far!

It's still a work in progress but you can see here that most of it is just adjust our parallax scrolling to get the scene just right.

There's more but I can't really share them yet. I look forward to showing you guys more of what Rogues are capable of next week, as well as a little more of Luke's work! Until then, it's back to my mental cubicle, see you all next week!


I love the art style. The flow of movement is so smooth. I am very interested in the development of this game!

I too am developing a similar game in Godot Engine. Looking forward to more updates :)

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Pixelcomet Author

Thanks! If you're interested we post updates daily to our twitter account. You should definitely check it out.

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Really love it. I don't know why but to some extend it reminds me of Secret of Evermore and also Terranigma.

Well done :)

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Pixelcomet Author

Hi xtoff,

After looking at secrets of Everimore amd Terranigma I can see how you'd feel that way.

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