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The game makes a good progress. All necessary models are finished, the music is final, the graphics are mostly done (except some small bugs) and all core mechanics are finished. Also 50% of the campaign is ready to get plundered. ^^
When I've got finished, the game will include:
- 3 different ship-types the player can select from
- 5 upgrade-buildings with 2 levels each
- 19 missions including 5 boss battles, treasure-hunts and siege fights
- 5 epic music tracks- and, as we're pirates, the most important: gold, gold gold!

So what's left? The other half of the campaign, many bug-fixes and tweaks and then:


Oh I fear that thing. This is maybe the most important task but also the most time melting one.

But, shiver me timbers, we've got that far so there's no turning back!

So long


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