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It's been nearly 9 months without a progress update - and so it's time to come back with a huge list of apologetic excuses for this sorry state of affairs

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Hello there

I've been getting a few E-mails about the state of StuntCarOnline - and if I'm still working on it.. And if there's any news and stuff like that.. And then it occurred to me the other day, it's been nearly 9 months since I last posted any real update on the project.

That's not really good enough, and I know that, (apologies to all those who have pledged donations! - and everyone else for that matter)..

"So why 9 months with no news or anything then?"

Well, to be perfectly honest, I've got nothing new to add! - My PC's hard disk drive decided to fail one night and I've just not found the time to fix it. Thankfully the data is all safe in cloud storage land so there's been absolutely zero data loss on the game.
I've ordered a new disk now, and hopefully I'll get the time to fix it,

"What's possibly taking up all my time that I can't fix a hard disk?"

Well, the arrival of my second son is definitely eating up my time at the moment! - As much as I love the little blighter, he doesn't half soak up my development time! - Oh, and add to this that I've gone and gotten myself one of those "GAMES INDUSTRY JOBS" you hear so much about.. (I can't say who for unfortunately, but lets put it this way, you probably play their games...)

"Does this mean no more SCO then?"

Absolutely not, it's just, not very easy for me at the moment. Not having a PC even set up now in my house due to my two nurseries! - that's kind of slowing me down, not to mention the PC not having a HDD...

I won't give up on the project though, and I'm still "working on it" - (admittedly, much more of the "out of game" stuff at the moment like the website whenever I get five seconds) but that's about it...

I appreciate this really isn't the news that most people want, but I wasn't sleeping right at night knowing people have put real money into this cause for absolutely nothing new for months.

Trust me when I say this - I've not given up on this project.


thank lord! AN UPDATE! :D
I was so worried about this project's fate, so it's good to hear of it again!

good luck sorting out all the difficulties pal, wish you the best, and for this project too ;)

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9 months! wow, is it already that long.


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Congrats on your second child!
I always resort to gaming to deal with stress and escape the anxiety of life.
I can imagine working on games all day can exausting... so working on more games at home is just too much

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