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Lab Rat alpha build devblog - new sprites, enemies, levels, and weapons

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The alpha build of our game, Lab Rat, is now available

What's New:

  • Improved player and enemy sprites - no longer simply colorful circles
  • Improved hack mechanic - now is more engaging with additional notes and simultaneous button presses
  • Level 4 and Boss Level added
  • New enemy types - gunner and boss
  • Door level exits - reach the door to complete the level after beating all enemies
  • New weapon - rifle deals high damage with high ammo consumption and slow fire rate
  • Escape button can now pause the game - no more moving the mouse to the pause button manually!

Based on feedback from peer evaluation, we decided to focus on adding the final levels and improving the sprites and hack mechanic. The environment already had good sprites, while the enemies and player were still circles, so they finally got a graphics upgrade. Additionally, the hack minigame was the same every time, with four random notes one after the other, so that was changed as well. The final levels and enemy types were also added, as well as minor balancing of weapons and the addition of a new weapon for more variety.

For our next release we plan on improving the enemy pathing and adding sound effects. At the moment the enemies do not path around corners or obstacles, so we are looking at adding more advanced pathing than "move towards player". The game has no sound effects in it at the moment, so those are planned to be added in the next update to improve the player gameplay experience. We also plan to do balancing and bug fixes based on peer feedback received on this alpha release build.

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