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Left 4 Quake is back up and running due to us working it out!

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Hey everyone, well as you can tell, spreading infection has had its ups and downs within the last couple days; but I think we have came to a solution (thanks to some mystery man named basstardy).

I kicked korvin out because he was making me mad at the time but I never really thought about it. Basstardy came to me asking me to talk to korvin and figure out what we were doing so I did, we talked about it and we realized that the reason I kicked him off was not his fault it was both of our fault.
I recently made mobster an admin and when korvin got mad and took him off I got mad back. all he really wanted was for me to talk to him about it before I did it(because hes co leader) he has nothing against anyone he just wanted to actually BE a leader.
so all in all it wasn't his fault at all; it was our fault. but have worked it out and made some new rules to. Mobster you will still be an admin. and this site will have more of a peaceful feeling to it with less auguring. and anyone who got offended by the site or was banned is welcome to come back and not be yelled at. we are sorry to all that got confused by this and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me korvin or mobster.
hate4uall - - 700 comments

peace rules

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P4TRICK - - 526 comments

..spreading information thro here?.. eh :P

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LPFreak - - 492 comments

Cool guys, happy to here it!

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1337-1 - - 39 comments

This mod, like the infected, is undead! Huzzah for irony!

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Isundir - - 554 comments

So the mod isn't dead but undead? :D
Yeay not dead :-) can't wait till the beta comes out going to capture tons of footage and put on youtube =D

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Mobster103 - - 915 comments

remember to vote!

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