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Just a few things before people suggest things all of a sudden, as well as hints towards future expansions and what I can do with them.

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Known Oversights

  • SHRIMPOR on the pepper is covered by the pepper number.
  • ENTER BY on the Entry Ticket is covered by the date.
  • Jorji says 'Glory to Arstotzka' when first meeting him.
  • Jorji's fake pepper looks from the outside like Cobrastan (should be Obristan).
  • Last slide on the intro doesn't show the Pepperstotzkan Emblem (oversight also in the original game, depsite the image being in the files).

Modding Limitations

  • Day features in general cannot be changed, so any expansions (The first will be Peppers, Please 2) will have the same No Pepperstotzkans -> Foreigners allowed -> Entry Ticket -> Entry Permit/ID etc.
  • Obviously you can't carry over progress.
  • You cannot change the date, not even by changing the day in Days.csv - since it'll end the game after the intro.
  • Again, you cannot change the 'Papers, Please' quote and the 'Glory to Arstotzka', 'Arstotzka' 'Ministry of Admission' in the bulletin.
  • .ppmod only works under a certain encoding for the .zip, which is not DOS and likely UNIX (judging by the 'sample.ppmod'). This *might* be fine if I can get it working using Linux but otherwise it'll be slightly harder trying to get these expansions to work with also an easier way to play the mod.

Overall, the only thing that is certain I can do with future expansions is change the entrants, which is somewhat fine if not for the documents that the Order of the EZIC Salt give to the inspector such as ciphers and decoders.

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