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In this article we go over known issues in 0.1 and upcoming version 0.2(& 0.1.1)

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After the release of version 0.1 some unknown problems arose. A lot of people are getting CTD's during start up of the mod. This is partly due to an outstanding issue on our end that has to do with certain flags not rendering correctly in the flag cache. We are also aware that Germany and Japan are over powered to the point of performance loss for players. we will address these issues in v0.2. Another (not) issue is that the Man in the High Castle bookmark does not have any original events and thus doesn't really have much meaning to play. We are also going to tackle this in version 0.2. We also still have to implement graphical changes and flesh out the international version just a bit more. Again this will be in 0.2. We may release a version 0.1.1 release as a "patch" instead of a full fledged release.

We thank you for your continued support of The Victoria 2 Man in the High Castle Mod!

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