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Hi everyone! Redboon team here again, with some minor updates :)

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Knock on the coffin lid RoadMap

We truly hope you having a lot of fun exploring our game.

First of all, we would like to say that most patches will be released weekly on Wednesdays at lunchtime. We will try to release critical bug fixes as soon as possible.

Road map:
Stable work and balance adjustment at this stage is our top priority. We will work on the main content for the game in parallel just as planned.

Some of the plans:

  • Leveling each character, including new perks for an alternative style of play for your favorite hero
  • Difficulty levels (for the fans of hardcore gameplay)
  • New hero - Björn.
    Björn is an elf renegade. A werewolf expelled from elven society for indulging his bestial nature, later he entered the service of the Lord of the North Gates. He hates his fellow tribesmen and seeks the purification from the curse of the werewolf. On the battlefield, he turns into a huge anthropomorphic wolf and tears all enemies to shreds.
  • New hero Vanadis
    Vanadis is a person that sacrificed her life to service the supreme spirits. Able to call for the help of wild animals. Her story is shrouded in mystery, and her knowledge is much deeper than all other heroes can imagine.
  • Narration of storylines and world history
  • Voice acting of the game in Russian and English
  • Localization of the game in more languages
  • Statistics and ratings
  • Quests and daily activities

And even more things that have not listed above.

Knock on the coffin lid was conceived as a hardcore game, which requires time to master to complete. We will carefully approach the issue of balance and in this matter we will rely on statistics and your feedback. Since the game is full of different mechanics, enemies and combinations, unfair things are inevitable, but we will do our best to fix them.
Cards and items:
Once a week we will take the most rarely used cards and items and rework them if there is an objective need for this.
We want the enemies to become a real challenge for the players, but this challenge shouldn't feel as unbalanced. Because of that, we will take a closer look the deadliest battles for our players and the fights that cause the most disputes.

If any aspect of the game feels unfair or broken, share your thoughts with us through the Steam community and our Discord channel.

Thank you for your concern and support.
- Redboon studio

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