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After almost three years of non-stop development, I’ve finally released Klang, my intense rhythm-action game, into the wilds of Steam!

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After almost three years of non-stop development, I’ve finally released Klang into the wilds of Steam! You can get it here.

Klang was my passion project. Making it alone, without any programming knowledge, has surely been my biggest accomplishment.

The Beats

I’m immensely thankful for the support I got from fans throughout the process, as well as from bLiNd, my all-time favorite electronica composer who I asked to do Klang’s soundtrack and was thrilled when he actually agreed. And man did he come through. Here’s a small sample.

Together, we’ve made the complete Klang soundtrack (MP3s and FLACs) available on Steam as DLC alongside the game, but you can also purchase it as a standalone CD on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play. (You can also get four tracks for free here.)

Next Steps

So far Klang has been met positively by the Steam community. In fact, it has 100% positive user reviews (knock on wood). The press has also had nice things to say, including PC Gamer, which named us one of the top five gems to release on Steam during our release week, and IGN Japan, which gave us an 8.8/10.

It’s a great feeling seeing people enjoy a game that you’ve poured so much blood, sweat, and tears into, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves as Klang is discovered by more people.

In the meantime, I crave feedback, so if you’ve played Klang, are playing Klang or want to play Klang and have any thoughts/questions, please get in touch. Or, join me and bLiNd for an AMA on reddit Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 1 p.m. to discuss publicly :)

Take care, Tom-Ivar

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