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This report will cover the recent development progress, some info about biomes the outline of the transport system.

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(In case you missed it, here is a link to a post about the Kition Report schedule changes.)

Current State

Game design: The main development has been adding several biomes and the foundations of the transport system.

Graphic assets: Made another variant of the male human, created a gun sprite, worked a bit more on a new creature (is at 33%) and edited the base human model to reduce the shoulders width.

Coding: Still on standby until the next month.


Biomes is the term used to represent the different dungeon types, be it a ruined fortress, a jungle or a underground complex. Biomes have influence in the materials that can be found in the dungeon, the creatures that inhabit it and the kind hazzards the player can find inside.

Not all biomes are sitting next to the player house so there are some that can only be reached by obtaining a vehicle while others can be accessed easily by enabling the settlement transit system.

Here are some example biomes:

Ruins: The most common biome and where most settlements are located. The zones of Cidona inhabited by the Empire are full of ruins and abandoned places, caused by the constant wars and general depopulation.

Arid: this biome covers both sand deserts and natural wastelands. The arid zones are largely unciviliced, so they are the refuge of small rebel groups, bandits and scholars looking for quietude.

Jungle: dungeons on this biome doesn't have defined paths so the player will have to use a machete to make way, taxing his energy and hampering his fighting ability. Jungles are outside the Kiton region so the player will need a vehicle to reach them.

Dead zone: a zone devastated during the First Conflict with high amounts of contamination. The player needs a sealed armor to cross this biome otherwise he may fall ill or even die. During nightime some regions of the dead zone are illuminated by residual energy.

Coast: The coastal zones of Kition have become a dangerous place in the last decades. There are no reports of surviving cities, only rumors of a new life form that is ending with all the life near the sea.

Transport System

Traveling to a dungeon takes time, sometimes days or even weeks and during this time the still has to play for the station maintenance. The player has two ways of making traveling easier, through the transit system or obtaining his own vehicle.

Transit system

There is an underground transit network that links most of the settlements and relevant areas of Kition, the problem is that it hasn't been maintained for decades. The player must take a series of requests from the settlement to clear the tunnels, repair the transit nodes and wagons. After the tasks are completed the player can quickly reach most of the biomes in the Kition region.


In the same way as with the transit system, the player can obtain a vehicle after completing several requests. The vehicle allows for a greater flexibility while traveling and can reach zones outside Kition.

While the vehicle requires regular maintenance and fuel, it also has several perks like cargo storage or allowing the player to recover while traveling. The vehicle components can be upgraded with more speed, fuel capacity, cargo amount and better player regeneration.

During a vehicle trip the player can find events as ambushes, traveling traders or found treasures.

This finishes the 4th Kition Report.

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