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This report is about two core mechanics of the game, crafting and material processing. We'll also talk about translations and how user will be able to translate the game on their own.

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This Kition Report will cover:

  1. Workbenches.
  2. Crafting basics.
  3. Junk processing.
  4. Translations


The Station (the player's home) is equipped with different kinds of workbenches focusing on different crafts and tasks. Here is the current list with a description of their purpose:

  • Chemistry bench: can be used to manufacture drugs, medicines, and materials for refinement.
  • Assembler: The assembler is used to build different kinds of robots.
  • Forge: The forge is used to make weapons and armors.
  • Garage: The garage allows the player to repair the vehicle and install upgrades.
  • Junk processor: it allows the player to process junk to obtain different materials. It can be upgraded to provide a bonus when processing.
  • Crafts bench: used to manufacture devices and general items like ammunition or batteries.

The station will start with some of those stations while others have to be acquired by the player. This can be changed in the game setup in case the player prefer to start the game better equipped rather than starting from scratch.

Crafting basics

To craft an item the player needs to put several components together, some of those components may have to be assembled first with basic materials, for example manufacturing a gun barrel with solid materials and then using it to make a pistol.

The item quality will be determined by both the player's skill and the quality of the materials. The material stats will also modify the item stats, so some materials can make a item more durable or valuable.

Most items recipes can be crafted either by trial and error or by following an acquired blueprint. There are some special cases where the player strictly needs a blueprint, usually to manufacture top class items like a nigh infinite power source like the golden battery or the self-aware Cidona class robot.

Those special blueprints can be obtained after completing special requests, from rare events or by exploring high level dungeons containing Imperial Archives data centers.

Junk processing

Junk processing is the most common method of obtaining determined solid crafting materials. Every material has a formula that allows to obtain that exact material when refining. It is also possible to process the junk without using a formula, in this case the obtained material will be chosen randomly with just a slight chance of obtaining high class materials.

Processing success isn’t guaranteed, being possible to fail and destroy the junk piece or simply not obtaining any result. The skill metallurgy and the junk processor level influences the success rate of processing.



The game will be available from start in both Spanish and English. It is planned that every bit of text will be placed on editable text files so players will be able to add their own translations by defining a language prefix and then name the files translated files with the right prefix (i.e. esp_rumors.txt contains Spanish rumors and eng_rumors.txt English rumors).

That's everything for now. See you the next week!

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