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K.I.S.A Alpha 3.2 has been released! Includes updates to The Tutorial as well as Chapters 1 & 2.

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K.I.S.A Alpha 3.2 is now available! Download it here. Chapters 1 and 2 are included in this build. Other changes are too numerous to count, but somehow I feel compelled to try anyway:

- Chapter 1: 'The Dungeon' added! Skip to it by pressing the 'Chapters' menu option.

- Chapter 2: 'The Village' added! Skip to it by pressing the 'Bookmarks' menu option.

- The Tutorial was updated to include a section about how to use health salves. Kisa and The Fool transition into their bow properly, and the end scene was modified.

- An opening story was added between The Tutorial and Chapter 1.

- A graphics quality glitch that prevented some users from switching to high quality in fullscreen was fixed.

- The main menu placeholder graphic of Kisa was updated to the final version. I'm putting it on all of the promotional images and hanging it on my wall. I'm just kidding about that second part, probably.

- Chapter titles and graphics were added. They look really fantastic, everyone. Elena's the best; I'm not afraid to use superlatives.

- A pause menu was added.

- A Bookmark Save/Load system was added.

- The options menu was updated to include the ability to rebind the quick-save, quick-load, and pause keys. Go crazy.

- Skirt physics optimized. All of the cloth was starting to take its toll on the engine.

- The Fool has his own footstep noises, instead of using Kisa's. He is also much better at following behind Kisa.

- Fighting noises are now appropriate to material of weapon & target. Fists make a fleshy sound when hitting a head, instead of a wooden noise.

- Static removed from narration. I was very close to trying to do batch noise removal on all of my audio before I realized that GM:Studio was at fault.

- Weapons now have blur trails. Violence looks fancier.

- Head injuries now result in a staticy screen and blurry border. Do not jump off of roofs, attempt a midair roll, and land on your head. I repeat, do not do this.

- Made jumping off of roofs and landing on your head less punishing. You can now fall over 25 feet and limp away because I'm a nice person and I don't want you to die all the time. The laws of physics and biology have no jurisdiction here.

- Lighting system was updated to allow for two different ambient light colors in the same level.

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