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GUESS WHATS STILL THING?! KINIGITS! I'm working on a new release using all the things I've learned from working on Tan'en and Super Time Dungeon. Would you like to know more?

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Kinigits has lain dormant for quite a while, that was intentional. I've been accumulating the skills I need to make better games. Now that I have some of those skills under my belt I'm coming back and working on Kinigits as a side project. I have a fairly long list of features that really should have been in from day one but for the purposes of this news-bit I'll stick to the fairly near future. Here goes:

~Character Selection~
This is one of those features that should really have been in from the get go. It's simple to implement and important to the game. This will give each player the ability to choose from 3 playable characters before entering each arena.

~New Playable Character~
This character has actually been in the game since the second 'Alpha' release, but has not been playable. The exact nature of the character will be revealed when he is implemented along with his special move.

Kinigits now runs at 800x400 resolution! (I know I know, its still small) all the original maps have been converted to this new resolution. Because of this resolution bump up the game will have less bugs, more precise collision checking, and allow for backgrounds to be 4 times as detailed. This should also fix the terrible automatic anti-aliasing issue on Windows 7.(that ones a long time coming)

*Real Characters*
Due to the graphics being scaled up and (possibly) having a real artist on the team, I plan on adding fully animated sprites.

In an effort to make Kinigits a legitimate indie game rather than an experiment to see if i could make a game. I'm not entirely sure yet what the singleplayer will be comprised of, whether it will be like the bots in Counter Strike: Source or closer to a linear, almost Ghosts and Goblins style game, either way it will have single player implemented sometime in the fairly near future

*LAN and Online Multiplayer*
As a programmer I've been playing around with network based multiplayer in Super Time Dungeon, and as soon as its ready I pla to bring that knowledge into Kinigits. Keep in mind that this feature is still a ways out (hence it being marked by ** and not ~~) and will not be in the next release.

ARTISTS! Want to make a stage for Kinigits? contact me at this email and I'll be happy to provide you with details on what is needed.

I hope this excites at least some of you and gives hope to others that this game wont stay stagnant.

Thank You for your time,

Wyatt White
Design By Chris

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