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Kingsguard Beta: Updates from the dev team! As the king of the world, survive attacks by dangerous assassins. Command your troops and place traps to survive the night!

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What’s New?

This week, we fixed many bugs within our game and polished up the level design, artwork, and animations. We also fundamentally changed the gameplay by giving the castle 5 entrances instead of 1. Our game is starting to resemble a finalized product. We added extra guidance with item descriptions in the shop. We also created a trailer: Drive.google.com

What’s the Motivation?

Our old art style was a bit too noisy, according to playtester feedback. We believe this new artstyle encapsulates the essence of our game better than the previous one. Even though our game has pixel graphics, we want them to feel as immersed in the experience as possible, and our old, grainy artwork was not cutting it.

What’s Next?

We plan to overhaul the level design around the change to the castle entrances. We need to polish the player experience as much as possible before the final product.

Check it out here! Indiedb.com

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