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This is one of the two games which I have been working which helps make Blades of War.

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This is one of the two games which I have been working which helps make Blades of War.

The mechanics of the game is similar to that of 'The Settlers Rise of an Empire' and 'Anno'. Each resources must be collected by a certain building e.g. a farm will grow and collect wheat, a woodcutter hut will collect wood and so on. Then there is the intermediate level of buildings which are is the middle of production; there job is to turn all the raw goods which are gathered into a usable state e.g. a windmill turning the wheat into flour or a smelter turning the ore into ingots. Then there is the end produce buildings which make the bread and the weapons etc. This is very common in this genre of game but I've added some unique mechanics which make the game more interesting and stand out.

The goods of each type must be transported to the market. This acts as a storehouse. The player can build more than one market and each market place is separate to one another meaning that wood put into one is not teleported to another. This means that goods have to be transported around the map much like Anno. These can be automated by the player making 'Trade routes'. These trading caravans can be attacked and defend by solders and animals of the wilderness.

Another feature is the expansion of buildings. As in real life as a business grows it needs to expand and this will happen in this game. The wealth of a building will be indicated when selecting on it. If the wealth of the inhabitants of that building is pass a certain wealth the player has a choice to expand the building. This will increase the productivity of the house and use up less space than building a new one.

An another major feature is the quality of produced goods. The player must try and get the best quality of goods for their realm while also satisfying the demand. Higher quality products take longer to produce but have a bunch of benefits for the realm. If it's a building the higher quality goods will make it more durably. If its food then your citizens become healthier which leads to less illnesses.

The process so far is good with the raw and end produce AI working well and creating/gathering stuff successfully. The HUD is pretty much implemented as well with most of the information being shown correctly such as efficiency of buildings. Highly detailed maps are also successfully added and just need to be designed (temporary ones are in place at the moment). All the buildings and production lines have been figured out as well and just need to be designed and added, screenshots will be coming soon.

Hope you are looking forwards to this when it is released and I hope you like it!

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