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Post news RSS Killer Chambers is coming to Steam on April 5th 2019!

Killer Chambers is an unforgiving action-platformer. It takes place in impossibly tiny rooms literally FILLED WITH TRAPS! Quick reflexes and good memory are the keys to success! Nothing is left to chance, every trap pattern is made to be challenging yet fun to solve. Discover how to break through in more than 500 finely tuned deadly patterns.

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Killer Chambers is an action-platformer with a puzzle twist. You must survive in small rooms filled with traps until one turn of the hourglass. Even if you're hit only once you die! Nothing is left to chance, every trap pattern is made to be challenging yet fun to solve. The player must arm himself with quick reflexes and good (muscle) memory.

Archer, the second boss!


Killer Chambers began as a smaller game. There was at first a single "killer chamber" where a set of predefined bullet patterns was fired at random. Later this random aspect of the gameplay was completely removed in favour of finely tuned patterns fired in a specific order. This avoided impossible or frustratingly difficult combinations and led to the puzzle element of the game where the deadly bullet patters have actually one or more solutions for escaping them.
In time Killer Chambers grew in a full fledged 40 levels game, with boss fights, a visual novel style story, items and powerups, and a really big number of bullet patterns.

Every floor has different kinds of traps!


  • Fast-paced and tough action-platformer with puzzle and bullet-hell elements.
  • Over 40 rooms, each one with 3 levels of difficulty.
  • 5 floors with unique traps and bosses.
  • More than 500 finely tuned trap patterns.
  • A funny story told by dialogues in a visual novel style.
  • Many items to help Brave Lord in his adventure.
  • 12 hats that grant you special powers, as long as they don't fall from your head!

The dialogues have a visual novel style!


Village Bench is a two-person independent game development team based in Rome, Italy.
The team is made up of two brothers splitting their time between the Visual Effects Industry and indie game development.


Sitàlk Pietro Orlandi
Programming, Art, Game Design

Nomed Carlo Orlandi
Art, Game Design, Level Design

Rob Overseer



That's a killer game right there!

And the release trailer was extremely interesting to watch too.

People who loves Cuphead and Dark Souls will surely love Killer Chambers.

I'm glad I ended up here.

10 days to go!

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