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Kill Fun Yeah Beta 0.38 has been released. New game mechanic, hats, emotes, friend system and more!

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Some of what is new in this release:

  • Added a basic friend system and made various changes to the game lobby.
  • Added the ability to freeze owned projectiles and grenades. (drains Awesome Sauce, default key = SPACE)
  • Added the ability to bind chat messages or commands to the F-keys (F1 is reserved for toggling the console, see Settings/ClientSettings.cfg)
  • Added player emote: /greet (bound to F2 by default)
  • Added player emote: /cheer (bound to F3 by default)
  • Added player emote: /dance (bound to F4 by default)
  • Added player emote: /thefinger (bound to F5 by default)
  • Added hat: Duck Face
  • Added hat: Broken Top Hat
  • Added hat: Golden Boot
  • Added hat: Bratwurst
  • Added hat: Pointy Helmet
  • Added hat: Skull Pole
  • Added hat: Skeleton Pole
  • Added hat: Crown of Murderous Deeds
  • Added hat: Dino Head
  • Added hat: King of the Forest
  • Added hat: Alpha Hat
  • Added command line argument for the server application: -c [path to custom config file]
  • Changed the max length of chat messages sent from game servers to clients to avoid things like long /maplist responses being cut off.
  • Changed so that the KFY patcher and launcher applications will try alternate servers for downloads if the main one is not reachable.
  • Fixed so that the Fiva Hat is not flipped when facing left.
  • Fixed so that certain grenades does not move around when lying on the ground.
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