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After a period of dormancy for our project, we have recently refocused our efforts, finally pinning down the game's essence as a very intense rogue-lite experience with a light touch of RPG elements.

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Introducing: ROGUE SHIFT

Yes, it's true, the game has undergone many name changes, idea changes and so on, over it's seemingly infinite development lifetime. At the start of the journey, it was basically just a directionless learning curve of Unity development. Over the years, day jobs and involvement in other (much larger) game projects, have slowed down the development.

In recent months, things have moved forward in a big way. We have pinned down a name and brand image that we're happy with, but more importantly, the gameplay experience feels more focused and polished across all gameplay modes.

More on this further down, including a short gameplay trailer. First, I would like to bring up a pressing matter:


We want to launch a Kickstarter campaign as soon as possible, but not before we have some key numbers that will indicate likely success. So, I would like to extend an invitation to follow us on our Kickstarter pre-launch page if this seems like the kind of game you would enjoy.

ROGUE SHIFT on Kickstarter

More about the game

Rather than repeating an in-depth description of the game here, I would like to direct you to our Steam Store page.

Or of course, you can simply check out the updated description right here on IndieDB!

New trailer


And as always, I will wrap things up with a batch of shiny new screenshots :)

Rogue Shift Screenshot 01

Rogue Shift Screenshot 04

Rogue Shift Screenshot 08

Rogue Shift Screenshot 09

Rogue Shift Screenshot 11

Rogue Shift Screenshot 12

Rogue Shift Screenshot 13

Rogue Shift Screenshot 18

Rogue Shift Screenshot 19

Rogue Shift Screenshot 03

Thanks for reading, watching and following. Until next time!


Increase the ambient lighting, so the darkest areas go away. Go to Steam and make screenshots of similar AAA games. Look at the screenshots here. Observe the darkest areas in both games. Notice that AAA games are nicely ambiently lit, so the player can SEE what the heck is there in the darkest areas as well. Notice cemetery scenes in movies aren't really "dark", but everything is lit up smoothly, so the viewer can SEE into the dark. Very important. :)

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