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Our Kickstarter just launched. See our first Let's plays, Steam Greenlight and our first FAQ about the goal.

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See below for some honest words about our goal and funding, and our first Let's plays and Steam Greenlight. Please share and tell your friends!

Kickstarter: see here

Steam Greenlight: vote here

Q: "Is your goal too high? Is it too low?" (see previous question here, among others on reddit)
A: "Oh, those are good questions. As mentioned in the project description, we’ve been thinking about the goal for months now. We choose an honest budget. It was not an easy decision to make. You know how it feels — compared to campaigns with a small budget that get funded with 1000%. Or compared to projects which get funded with £1.8m (approx. $3m) and then still are greedy, boom! 2D games in particular, for some reason.

According to Kickstarter the average successful campaign funding is £10,547.48 (approx. $17,549.88). Games as Kingdom Come Deliverance cost £1.2-1.8m (approx. $2-3m) and more, and then they ask for £300k (approx. $499) which turns out to be £1m (approx. $1.7m) in the end. We are backers too, with our private accounts. We think, Kickstarter did changed a bit within the last year, didn’t it?

Our goal, £299k (approx. $460k), minus Kickstarter fees, taxes, social security and other business costs, equals to approx. £150k (approx. $231k), which breaks down to just £12.5k (approx. $19.2k) per month for 12 months and a whole team. Yes, with a 3D procedural game such as Proven Lands we have some advantages compared to non-procedural games, but this comes for a price: the technical side is far more complex. Lighting, texturing, AI and generation in particular. This is perhaps the reason why AAA companies prefer static level design and tech. Well, take a look at our early demo.

We do not expect to get rich here – no fancy cars, no super computers. The majority of our team has worked for very little money, some did not get paid at all and have lived from their savings, tbh. Is our goal too low? Well, it is ok and we are confident that we can make it! But, the opera ain't over until the fat lady sings, right? :D You never know. We will see soon."


Cake!:D - - 1,858 comments

I'm definitely backing this game. :D

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Alverspin - - 21 comments

But with this so high goal perhaps you don´t have time to reach it. Just if you reach the goal you will take the money. Then if you don´t reach the goal, the game will be cancelled? this would be really a shame, because the game seems would be a great game.

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