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Do you want to help work on the game? Now you can by supporting on kickstarter and create your own gangs, levels and more!

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"The Turf is a face-paced take on the RTS genre. The aim is to control your gang to capture and defend the turf around the environment. This can be gun shops, hospitals, police stations, car dealers and more. These are all functional buildings, so you can equip units with various guns, equipment or buy cars."

It's a great feeling to have finally launched the kickstarter. I have spent countless hours coming up with different images, videos, music to try and create a polished kickstarter page. Creating something that people will enjoy and want to help fund is very hard. I wanted to create a very fair price for everything so you get alot of fun out of your money.

The page features alot of development tiers, so if you are a developer you will love this. You can directly impact the game by creating your own gangs, icons, clothing and levels. One of my favourite tiers is the development videos. You will gain some video content for how to create very advanced RTS techniques in unity such as efficient and flexible fog of war, tile systems, my tile section system for quickly building levels and more!

If you have any feedback for the kickstarter or the game in general. Please comment as i reply to all comments.

Thanks for reading and If you support us, thank you so much!

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