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We reached our kickstarter goal and broke our first stretch goal!

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What's something new you plan to share this month?

This month we actually just uploaded a new version of the demo with some bug fixes and a little additional new content and art! As we implement new features and art we plan to keep updating that demo and after kickstarter will find a new place to host that demo so that all of you can follow along with us on our journey of development!

Describe the moment when you hit “launch” on your project. What did it feel like?

Yikes, to be honest I was all shakes and grumbles. I was really nervous. We had a failed kickstarter a couple of years ago and that really gave me some shell shock about the whole experience. Granted I funneled that into a drive to do more research and go to more resources to make an awesome kickstarter project like we have now! It was exhilarating and terrifying, but after all of the hard work that my team and I put into our product and this kickstarter, it was easy for that stress to go away. My team is so amazing!

How did you know it was time to share your idea through a Kickstarter project?

As our team grew we really tried to focus on keeping our scope obtainable and even now we have to cut things temporarily for the sake of time, budget and the scope. Once we reached what I like to call "Critical Mass" it was evident that it was time to go to kickstarter and beyond in order not only spread the word but also get some much needed resources to keep up that excellent dev pace.

What kind of feedback is most helpful to receive when sharing creative work?

So I don't know if any one type is the most helpful. I certainly want any and all constructive feedback. I am only one person and each other person has their own perspective so getting that feedback is invaluable to us. We might miss something or not think of something that could be amazing! That is why we have our demo on our front page here on Kickstarter. We WANT that feedback. If you have any additional, send it to cvo@titanomachystudios.com

How has putting your project into the world changed things for you?

We received a lot of support and outcry from the community and our fans, friends and family. That alone was touching and bolstering to our morale, but I think more than anything it provided a lot of validation for the team. Each of our artists, engineers, and designers are exceptional and I believe that the boost in confidence received by everyone has really helped all of them reach to greater heights.

Care to share a photo or video of something you’re working on right now?

Right now our artists are working on different concepts for our in game dialogue art! We will post once we have a finalized look. We did just update our demos. Check them out below!

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