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After 2 years I'm finally releasing the 3rd and possibly last version of Keyraoke. It's the version I planned to release much sooner and with more features, but then I abandoned the project for a while. Now I had some time to get back to it and I figured out that it is a really cool game and it would be a shame not to bring it to you... so let's dig right into it!

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Gameplay previev

Keyraoke v3.0

Changes featured in Keyraoke v3.0

  • Major changes in gameplay:
    • The song pauses if you don't finish a line in time. You then start to use the additional time which you cannot exceed.

      Keyraoke v3
    • There are 4 game modes with different score bonuses, giving you different amounts of the additional time. They also specify the maximum number of lines that you can skip/fail.

      Keyraoke v3 game modes screen
    • If you finish typing a line correctly you don't have to press Enter anymore. It's confirmed automatically. You only use Enter to skip/fail a line.
    • You can earn bonus combo points if you confirm few lines in a row with the Perfect timing.

      Keyraoke v3 screen showing combo points
    • The fact that songs may get paused makes it impossible to return to the previous line anymore (as it was possible in Keyraoke v2.0)
  • Redisigning most parts of the game (main menu, fonts, buttons, bars etc.)

    Keyraoke v3 main menu screen

What is Keyraoke?

If you haven't heard of Keyraoke yet (which is most likely), it's a free Windows game I created back in 2014. The idea of it is that you have to type the lyrics of a chosen song in the moment they are sung. It's suposed to provide players some entertaining challenges and additionaly help them learn to type faster. It comes with 12 free songs that you can choose from and allows you to add your own songs to the game pretty easily (you can find the instructions on Keyraoke's new website).

The game that inspired me to create it was StepMania. I wanted to keep Keyraoke in a similar style. At the beginning I was really enthusiastic about it, but my enthusiasm burned out pretty quickly when the game failed to reach as many people as I expected. I started working on the 3rd version of the game which was supposed to be a big come up, but after a month I totally lost my motivation.

Now after 2 years I had some time to come back to it and I figured it's a really cool game and it would be a shame not to release it. Especially that this version is a huge step forward compared to the previous versions, even if I didn't finish all the features that I planned to put there.

So now I made a few adjusments and here it is. I don't really have any great ambitions when it comes to audience this time, but I hope that at least some of you will enjoy it. As always I'd be really happy to see some comments and who knows, maybe some day when I'll have more time I'll make some further improvements too.

Updated website

Along with the release I improved the Keyraoke's website a little. You will find the complete manual there, so if you're still not sure about how some of the new features work - check the official website


Cool, I'm downloading it now!

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