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TLDR: I'm making a game, and I want YOU to help me make it a reality.

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Hey, folks! So, I've come to IndieDB, looking for players willing to brave the strange lands of early alpha testing my game, Project Sonnensystem.

What is Project Sonnensystem, you may be asking? It's a multiplayer space shooter/survival/"derp-em-up", as I lovingly refer to it. At it's most basic, it's like Sir, You are Being Hunted's multiplayer mode, but with astronauts, spaceships, and microplanets, rather than gentlepeoples, British robots, and standing stones. There's a portal, in a Dyson Sphere, that after being repaired, can let one person escape, before shutting down forever. There's more than one person. You can guess what follows.

The game's graphical style is a mix of cartooniness and realism, and leaning towards the low-poly side of things, rather than being ultra-HQ. This lends itself well to the nature of the game; a fun little thing to play with your mates, with plenty of silliness to go around.

For those of you wondering, the game's currently in closed alpha, being distributed through Itch.Io, and the page is only accessible to those logged into an Itch account with a game key. How does one get a game key, you may be wondering? Currently, your best bet is to poke me on Twitter, while I fiddle with the settings and try to get the IndieDB giveaway system working.

(EDITED: Having technical difficulties with the IndieDB giveaway system)

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