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This update is to bring you several interesting facts about underground cities of the United Governments.

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Hello guys,

This update is to bring you several interesting facts about underground cities of the United Governments. Enjoy.

• On the action territory of After Reset RPG, there are no underground cities of the United Governments. Nevertheless, the game events are thickly shrouded in their shadow.

• The population of the Earth before the Reset is 18.5 billion people. The population of the United Governments after the Reset is about 70 million people up to 132 A.R.

• During game action (132 A.R.), the United Governments has 7 active underground cities out of 13 cities founded before the Reset. Three of them are located on the territory of the former North America. The population of such underground megalopolises is about 10 million people.

• Initially, the bunker is located at a depth of 150-250m from the surface of the Earth, thereby providing a reliable protection against external influences and maintaining a natural zero temperature in the atmosphere of cities. According to construction blueprints, the average area of each underground megalopolis was 200-300 million square meters, thus allowing to initially accommodate between 600,000 to 1 million people.

• Geological voids and natural caves accounted for during the planning, together with the technological capabilities of the United Governments allowed a "preserved" mankind to leave beyond the original bunkers (shelters) and rebuild real megalopolises under "aerial arches" of caves. Moreover, some of the initially founded bunkers became a shelter to the poorest and most unfortunate sections of the population, having turned into slums – the so-called Old Cans Districts.

• Despite the fact that 8 of the 13 cities were completed with Deep-Laying Lithium Drill during construction, only 3 cities on the territory of the former North America were connected to supersonic maglev trains via transportation tunnels. Information communication between the underground cities of the United Governments is via quantum communication channels, – a part of a single infrastructure information network called the Quanton.

• The scale of shelters constructed indicates that the construction itself was started well before the official formation of the United Governments. Apparently, almost every country with nuclear weapons had its own program for the construction of such shelters. In North America, this program was known as DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases).

• The political system of the United Governments is meritocracy/technocracy/corporatocracy. This is largely due to the huge influence that the elite (the so-called majority shareholders of the Earth) had on the establishment of the United Governments, formation of the "blue" and "white" lists by which United Governments citizens that enjoyed priority prior evacuation to underground cities were selected before the Reset.

• During years of life underground, the United Governments underwent several changes. The head of the United Governments is the President, who is elected by the heads of four corps (Scientific Corps, Economic Corps, Military Corps, and Social Corps) for a term of 10 years. The Scientific Corps is to preserve and develop the technological heritage of mankind. The Economic Corps is tasked with maintaining the economic status quo of competition as a propelling factor to the evolution of human society. The Military Corps is responsible for protecting mankind against external threats and reclaiming lost territories. The main task of the Social Corps is to supervise over all the other corps and maintain the integrity of the human society and the concept "humanity". Despite meritocratic polarization of the • United Governments society, the vast majority of the society, being born underground after the Reset, is made up of staunch patriots. They have a sense of choosiness and solidarity. Social and emotional life in underground megalopolises of the United Governments is similar to the public mood in the devastated Japan after defeat in World War II, long before the Past Era.

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Great lore.

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MrNixon Author

Thanks like always.

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not too original, but at least its good :)
i love the angle of approach to the story, it feels more like conspiracy/intrigue than fallout story did (it kind of focused on, well, anarchy)

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Nothing's original these days :P

Lovin the lore :)

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MrNixon Author

Thanks, guys. I think next wiki/lore updates will be completely devoted to life on the surface in Yellow Zones.

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