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Here is some progress I have made on the Remastered Version!

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I have made progress!

Not much progress, but I am starting work on the third puzzle. I know making a game in RPG Maker isn't that hard, but I want to take my time and plan out my story. I already know what I want most of it to be, but I am still working on small details. I posted some images eariler today showing off a couple of rooms that are the first two puzzles. I am planning to get an Early Access Demo put up some time in the near future. This will allow you to play the first act. The game will be split into FOUR acts. Don't worry, they won't be seperate games, but they will progressivly get harder to make, as it takes time for me to actually put them together. But I hope you guys like the demo. Keep in mind, that the demo will NOT be the finished product, and is just there to let people get a feel for how the game will run. The game will also allow you to login to GameJolt, to earn trophies! The demo will allow you to get all the first act trophies, but no more. Anyways, the demos main purpose is for you guys to tell me what you like and don't like abou the game. Also, it will allow you to report bugs to me. When the full game comes out, I will make it so that people can translate the game into other languages, but because I don't speak other languages other than English, I am going to use the honors system for it, meaning I hope you will translate it correctly. But I don't have any way for you to translate it right now.

Anyways, I hope you will enjoy the demo when it comes out!

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