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Post news RSS KAPUT Beta 1.0 Released

KAPUT has gone under some major changes and we have decided to release an early BETA! Download link in article >>>

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Beta 1.0 is 2 months ahead of schedule so in theory we are on track for an early release. This update brings massive cuts to lag and a reorganisation of the way the world is loaded.

Download link: Mediafire.com

Full change-log:
[+] Collectors - Auto-gather from machines
[+] Pylons - Collectors home to
[+] Splashes
[+] World Anchors - hold world in zones
[+] World de-loading - lag reduce
[+] Debug screen under key F3
[+] Health bars
[+] Levelling system
[+] Ammo and health caps
[+] Fading text to improve visibility in combat
[+] A flying boss that spawns when you reach level 4
[FIX] Machines being placed in turrets
[FIX] A large amount of lag due to calculation elimination/shortening and world de-loading
[FIX] Adjusted size down for the majority of players with smaller screens
[FIX] Placing blocks in the place of entities/unable to break blocks under dead entities.
[FIX] Enemies spawning under world
[FIX] Rocket boots glitch at the top of the tile map
[CHANGE] Gunners can only spawn outside of the player load zone
[CHANGE] Rocket boots cost 3 fuel to activate rather than 5
[CHANGE] Relocated items on main GUI
[CHANGE] Starting scrap set to 250

Anyone with any bugs please send them in via the comments.


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