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We have been working on adding a PvP Bounty system into Kando for a while now and think we have something for everyone.

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PvP Bounty
Since Kando uses a Open World PvP ruleset(PvP outside towns/dungeons) we wanted to give a way for players to fight with each other even when there not online.

Bounty Board
The Bounty Board will be in every major town. When using the board you can do the following things:

-Can post a bounty on another players head. (Who are level 15+)
-Can hand in a bounty to claim the reward.
-Can search through current bounties.

We needed a way to make this as griefless as possible. Current rules are as follows:

-Players cannot be posted more than 3 times a day.
-Players must pay a 1000 krad fee aswell as the amount they wish to post as a reward.
-One of the servers will not use the Bounty Boards(for those who don't like that style of play atall).
-Players can only have 1 bounty started at once.
-When a player is logged off for more than 24 hours the Bounty will return to the owner.(Losing the fee)
-Players accepting the bounty MUST be within 15 levels of the bounty target.

There will be more rules and information on it closer to the time of the Beta so keep an eye out for the posts! There will be some screenshots added soon of the board for everyone to view.

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