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Kakele 3.1 is nearly here! Check out the details on this post.

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Hello world!

It has been nearly 1 year since Kakele 2.1 has launched. So much has changed, so much has improved, and we are looking forward to 2021 and beyond! With excitement and pride, we present you <drum rolls> Kakele 3.1!!

Take a look on our website as well, we have also improved some things there! Although the website isn't a first order of priority, we gave it our love and have improved it a bit. Before we dive into the update, let's look back at some awesome moments of 2020, which despite being a bad year on the Earth world, was a good year on Kakele world!

Kakele 2.1 has launched as a PC only game, but boy oh boy how little we knew that it's true home would be on mobile devices!


Everyone got used to the awkward square screen, even when we have launched. Take a look at good ol' Kebelessa:


So much has evolved over the year. Remember when bosses were so OP that it was impossible to solo them?


A big chunk of the Kakele's lore is centered around Dragons. But did you know that Dragons were only introduced later? Before Draconia, only a single and lonely red dragon was available for hunting. And that dragon has fried so many players!! A single blast could take a down a level 150 on a single hit.. headshot:


And it was only in May, when Satan was defeated for the first time:


It is so refreshing to look back and see how much the game has matured, and we hope that players keep their trust on us to keep improving Kakele, as we are working very hard for that! The only constant in Kakele is this: changes. We want you to keep in mind that online games will always be evolving, and so will Kakele. We thank everyone for the ideas and feedback, and we try our best to prioritize the best and most important changes to the game. We have our vision for the game as well, and we try to compromise with what players want and like.

This update brings a lot of changes, and so will future updates. We plan to redesign Kakele sprites, so that it gives a consistent and nostalgic experience to everyone. If you have not yet seen our new interface, which was heavily simplified, please take a look on our YouTube videos, such as this one:

As usual, here is the simplified list of everything that is being changed, and please help us test them on the test server this weekend so we can launch the update as soon as possible (it may take 1-2 weeks this time):

- Complete redesign of the interface to make mobile gaming easier. The majority of our players play on mobile. Our main focus is on mobile going forward, but we will not forget about the PC players!

- MUSIC AND SOUND!!! We upheld our promise (ermm unlike some other games out there), and we have added music and sound to the game. We love the new dimension it adds to the game, and we will improve it over time with your feedback as well. Please notice that music and sound are not 'cheap', their files are big, and we tried to keep it as simple as small as possible.

- The game screen is now wide, very wide! It varies per device, but the active area is the 7x5 rectangle centered on your character. In other words, you cannot attack someone outside of that rectangle (to make it fair to players with small devices).

- New content! New VERY challenging quests, items, monsters, bosses and mysteries!! Most of the new content will be closed for testing in the test server, and will only be available when we fully launch.

- Friends list!! We have implemented a simple friend list for Kakele, and will improve it with time. Now you will be able to add friend and foes and easily know when they are online!

- A big rework of the game spells. As previously announced in this post: Itch.io Dragons will still be hard! This was done thinking about the long term and endgame content, and you will be able to test the changes in the test server soon. The list of all spells will be updated in our Wiki soon. There are nerfs and buffs to all vocations, so try to focus on the buffs first :slight_smile:

- With the big wide screen, the gameplay may be slightly different at some parts of the map. On top of that, the respawns may be a bit slower because you are blocking a wider area of the map (mobs will not respawn or be slower if you are in their range of vision).

- There is only one PvP change this time: we are reducing the time it takes for an unjust frag to disappear to 7 days (instead of 14). This is for Open PvP only of course.

- The blacksmith will return gold now when you reset the item attributes! You will get back the same amount of gold that you used as if the item was at the current attributes minus 2 upgrades. It should help transitioning attributes to new equipment.

- We plan to add new features to improve the solo gameplay (such as pets and solo dungeons!). For this update, due to the time constraint, we have only implemented the new task system. All tasks will be resettable in the explorers guild now (for level 100+, only if you are premium), BUT, task frags only count if you SOLO 100% the monster. We want party hunts to still be fun and the best way to exp, and it still is. Solo hunting is better for making cash, since you get all loot and gold, and now you will be able to gain some extra experience by resetting tasks. Group hunts of 6 or more will have the 20% penalty per extra player in the party. With this change we have also reworked some monster spells, reducing their duration, which makes it easier for killing mobs on your own.

- A lot of client improvements. For instance: commas in the numbers, the backpack now fits 50 items instead of only 40, ability to delete all loot, adding confirmation when performing some sensitive actions such as buying boosts, the trade chat has now 1 minute cooldown.

- If you stay on top of a rock (for instance in the worms event), the area spells will still hit you.

- And speaking of events, the coliseum had a revamp, please check it out!

- The Muroria bank is now bigger, to accommodate for its big popularity.

- Free accounts can access all areas now. Before they could not visit the skies, but now they can!

That is it! Kakele has grown a lot last year, and we hope that with your help it will continue to be a success this year. Don't forget to share the game with your friends, and let them use your referral codes! If you have a streaming channel (on YouTube, Twitch, etc..), or know someone that does, please check out our partnership program! By reaching the gold status, you will have the potential to be offered a unique referral hashtag!


Please make sure to remember to read the rules. We have made some adjustments over there, such as removing luring as a rule violation (because the anti-luring system should just work). Use our Discord to report rule violations (we have now a ticketing system!), or contact us by email.

The test server will be online sometime this weekend, and we will announce it in our Discord Support and Facebook Group.

Last but no least, we will be recruiting new junior CMs to help us moderate Kakele. We will announce the application forms in our Discord, Forum and Facebook, if you know someone that fits the role please send the link to them!


The ViVa team

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