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The 0.3 alpha is here and it's a lot more bug free too!

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0.3 has finally been released and it's easily proving more stable than 0.2 from the internal testing I was more careful with this time, to avoid the major hiccups present in version 0.2. So, without further due, go over to downloads and download 0.3 now! Below is the complete Kaiserreich changelog, scroll to the bottom to see what has been addressed in 0.3


I'd like to apologise for the lack of major tech tree development, but the friend helping me has been unavailable so I've had to do this version myself.

Anyway, 0.3 will be followed shortly by 0.35 in which I will do my best to address any problems people encounter, and add some new features, then 0.4 will be released which will be considered the first beta version of the mod, on my end anyway.I hope you like this version, and it sells the idea to you more.

Remember to report any bugs you find on the forums here, at ModDB.

Thanks again!

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