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We've been pretty tight lipped about Forest of Suns so far, maybe too tight lipped. But today we've cracked a little and we are going to give a little bit away.

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So we've been talking about our game for the past 18 months, without really shedding much light on the specifics of what it actually is. It might be time we made things a little clearer.

Fundamentally Forest of Suns is an adventure game spliced with a side scrolling beet 'em up. We've described it before as being a bit of a mix between Streets of Rage and Limbo. But that doesn't really sum it up completely. The game is not focused on punching people in the face so much or rubbing two random items together in order to solve puzzles.


The thing we are really focused on is conveying the narrative in an impressionistic and delicate manner. There will be no text, there will be no film clips. Your understanding of the narrative will come entirely through the experiences you have during the game. That does put a lot of onus on the player to be vigilant in interpreting each event, setting and audio queue but we hope that it will achieve a deeper, more personal connection and experience.

Streets of Rage 2

A nice bite sized synopsis of what the narrative actually is in Forest of Suns would be this; You play the role of Harry, a middle aged man in the midst of a mental crisis. He has spent his entire life suppressing the trauma of his childhood, but after a lifetime avoiding his issues they have finally caught up with him.

I doubt that what I've just talked about would have pulled your image of the game into a particularly tight focus, but that's about as much as I can give away at the moment without spoiling anything.

Stay tuned though.

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