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For those who wondering if the mod is dead or not: Not it´s not!

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Hey guys, I just want so show you that I´m still working on the mod. The reason for not uploading screens or something similar is only that I don´t want to do.
I´m finally able to create my own textures so I can customise nearly everything now. And so I do: The are currently a few new entitys and environment objects like walls, cellings, floors, etc.
And were will be defnetly more, like new monsters (two at least), new characters, much more stuff and so on.

I konw it sounds like I want a bit too much but I don´t want to create a half-heart mod, just because I don´t have enough endurance for it. Although I like programming and stuff like that it is quite sad that I have to create nearly everything by my own. But I´ll take it if I have to because, as I said, I will finish this mod, with or without help!

So thats it for now and like always: have a nice week ;)

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