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new models, econ and awesome to come in the next version of gundam... when it is ready :P.

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So things have seemed rather quiet with no updates to the site and a new release has not happened in a while. The next release, while a good few months away is going to be stellar, new models, new textures, new economy and a simplified tech tree! In the current progress I have managed to snag one KDR_11k to help with some of the gundam work! Those of you who have been watching have undoubtedly seen some of his models already posted on this profile.

Now, in more annoying news, the spring main file page "UnknownFiles" has had a major hickup causing the released mod files to be lost on the internet. I have since fixed the links by uploading the mod files on my site. I also have seen many new faces online playing gundam, nice to see you guys good games all around! I hope that the delay has not trouble you guys too much and just imagine how nice it will be.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I recently graduated college and am now working for BearingPoint as an application developer. I am very excited but I had to relocate for the job. The move pretty much ate all of my december break and I am still getting settled in. Other then that, I have been busy texturing models as many of you who are watching know. For those who have not been watching, I encourage you to puruse the screenshots for some pretty nice eye candy!

Most of the current work is a new economy featuring a new resource system by KDR_11k the first person to be recruited to the gundam RTS project. The new economy allows for faster simpler base construction! We have more resources but in all honesty it actually simplifies a great many things. Outside of the economy work, kdr has dones some great models. The economy is partially implemented and I am adding a few more units to work with the new economy, this will destroy 2 years of balance work but when gundam was created lua was not available as it is now. MASSIVE props to Trepan of the spring team for the new lua code support! More to come about this in the future!

I hope to keep posting more news in the future, I have some things this month that have eaten up my time but hopefully I can return to my normal work on gundam after this week :)!

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