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Here it is!, the game’s first Alpha Demo! For all of you to try, enjoy, give feedback and/or get a feel for what’s to come.

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Get it Here.

So, what does it contain?

  • -The first SP region.
  • -1 Co-op mode to blast enemy vehicles with a friend, or alone if you like a challenge.
  • -6 vehicles (4 of which are upgradeable).
  • -5 buildings for the player’s base.
  • -Probably a bug or two?

Go try it, it’s pretty basic for now, tutorials may be rough around the edges ...like everything else about it, but it works, in both co-op and SP.

Alright, now let’s talk about what’s missing from the demo, since i want to update it a bit, so it feels a bit more complete, so, what will it contain in the near future?

  • -The rest of the intro, and first moment of Gameplay.
  • -an options menu.
  • -UI elements for all kinds of things.
  • -HQ’s menu.
  • -The Refinery building (turns common minerals into refined minerals).
  • -The rest of UI Sfx.
  • -Bug fixing.

Good, but maybe all this still feels a bit insufficient for a full game, so, what will the game contain?

  • -Weather events (at least sandstorms and thunderstorms).
  • -6 bigger SP regions (with their own bases, camps and convoys).
  • -More co-op modes.
  • -Boss fights.
  • -An entire enemy faction (with 4 upgradeable vehicles).
  • -More enemy base designs to demolish.
  • -Enemy factions putting together convoys to attack your base (and the ability to intercept them).
  • -Base’s defenses.
  • -A bunch of unique independent cars.
  • -Backstory unraveling / world building elements.
  • -More music.
  • -Secret zones with "easter eggs" and references to the games that inspired me to make my own, probably.

And like always, if you're interested in the game, feel free to track it, leave a comment, or send me a PM!

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