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Why Junkcraft was put on hold and my next steps, new focus for 2023 and later!

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Junkcraft Armada has been put on hold for now, I am still planning to release it but I need to re-write most of the code again, and the focus now is to release new games every month and YouTube videos, please check my videos at Youtu.be , there are videos about the games I am releasing, some are free so you can download them without any need to pay, your only cost will be to subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can make more games and videos in the future! and perhaps some way to earn a living by making games and videos.

Some of the code of those new small games will be part of Junkcraft Armada, since I noticed several sections where the code was not up to date and trying new solutions bring me more ways to make the code more efficient. Space Bugs Wars allowed me to test swarms of enemies and I can use a similar code base for the enemies in Junkcraft Armada. I discovered with Space Bugs Wars several ways to efficiently correct the rotations of ships in space and simplify calculations for Junkcraft. So everything has a reason and all the new games will help me improve my code base.

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