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Junk Architect is a 3D 1st person builder puzzle for PC with PhysX.

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Junk Architect has been in development for almost a year and now there's a playable alpha available for PC with a Steam key.

Check out the store page: Store.steampowered.com

In Junk Architect you build houses out of junk. The meat of the game is in the build engine that lets you place parts and attach them with fasteners, both of which use the PhysX physics engine. Your job is to figure out how to build the given house out of the parts you find on the level. The parts attach at set angles and you choose the fasteners manually at the time of placing the part. The game will detect when you manage to create rooms that are closed spaces with doors and windows. Parts have weights and both parts and fasteners have a limit of how much stress they can handle. This is implemented using rigidbodies and joints. If your creation collapses, too bad, but you can recollect the fasteners and give it another go.

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The game is pseudo-realistic, meaning there's a lot of cool effects but the guy actually goes around tossing car wrecks and wall blocks murmuring and grunting while at it, so we are just trying to make a fun builder dude.

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Currently we need people to try out the build engine. We want the level progression to go from easy to difficult, and we'd like the more difficult levels to involve the player needing to really use his brain to figure out how the building won't crash. We need to learn
1. the correct balance of the parameters of durability and weight of parts, and
2. whether the physics system works without too much error.

If you are interested in playtesting, please get in touch.

Best, Jaakko / Frowny Face Games

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