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Updated on the progress we made over May. Includes a video of the chat system used to write the chat messages and discussion how we are overcoming some of our difficulties!

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One of the problems we had was coming up with a new environment that we were happy with and one of the biggest hurdles was creating the props for the environment. Since we don't have the time or team to create a full environment full of props we decided to use an asset pack to speed up the process.

Another problem was not having a playable game done during the whole time and that made it hard to decide where to take the game when making decisions. So now every 2 weeks we will have a playable build available for the team to bounce ideas off of and maker iterations on.

Part of holding the team back was the chat tool did not hold up to spec and proved difficult to work with from the gamejam (Back in July 2019) - so this is being updated along with the conversations to make it easier to add and update chat logs!

Until next time.


James Veugelaers

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