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Super busy, glitches, broken from software updates, dying computer, lack of tools, no time to work...

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The month of June was busy for me in other things, so it didn't bode well on the developmental front. Pretty much any progrees I did make was simply a ton of bug fixes and cleaning up hitches and snags.

Here's my change log.

6-13-12: Updated some of Wayne's animations.
6-15-12: Updated some of SuperJeenius' Animations.
6-20-12: Fixed a bunch of inexplicable crap.Made an Inn block.Made a Bank block.
6-21-12: Fixed Super Fire accidently shooting regular fire shots. Inventory Items now more flexible for additions. Made more inventory Items. Minor bug fixes. Fixed a Duck-Jump problem that crashed game. W00T! Fixed up entering doors a bit. Much nicer.

That's it. Mostly I've been using Graphics Gale to clean up the animations... I couldn't believe I did as much as I did using only Photoshop and guesswork. Not bragging, sucked too much while doing it to be proud of. From this point forward, I plan to keep the animations top-notch.

Something that also threw a loop in my hole was some Stencyl updates that changed a few fundamental elements of the kit. Some of the new features are pure gold, but for some reason, some of my scripts were broken, or don't function as cleanly as they once did. I've been scouring the code to make sure its optimized for the new version of the kit. If there is a significant update again, I'm not going to get it until SMJ is done. Not worth the trouble.

But lastly, I had a computer become questionably alive. Ya know, the computer with my whole game and everything on it? Yeah that one. It was by pure luck that I decided to back up my files that morning. So I'm developing on a laptop now, and I'm still trying to get all of my tools working again. At the time of writing this, I think I'm squared away to resume working at full force.

Since nothing new has come to the table in June, there is no video. The demo will likely be the next big thing to come out unless I decide to show something cool.

Stay Tuned!

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