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The 8-bit platformer/fighter hybrid is now available for $3 USD when purchasing directly from developer...

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Jump/Boxer is now available for $3 USD when you purchase directly from the newly launched Blaze Epic website here: www.blazeepic.com

Also, when purchasing from the site, you can bundle it together with the previous Blaze Epic game, samurai_jazz, for $4 USD for the entire package.

Jump/Boxer is an 8-bit platformer with fighting game elements mixed in. It takes the 8-bit action-platformer formula and brings into the modern-day era, keeping the 8-bit aesthetic and feel while using design choices seen in games of recent history. The mix of the pixel-art, limited color palette, choppy animations, and chiptune music with unlimited lives, closer check points, and regenerating health allows for an authentic 8-bit experience without the frustrations of those golden-era days.

Another thing worth noting is that it's an 8-bit action-platformer that stands on it's own not just because of the old-meets-new mixture, but because of what this game itself has to offer. The jumping mechanics are parkour inspired and the levels are designed to use them to their full extent in a way that's puzzling, challenging, unique, and rewarding. It's fighting game mechanics have the power, speed, range, height, and blocking of attacks coming into play, keeping the depth and feel of fighting games in a way that works seemlessly with the platforming.


Jump/Boxer will also be available, DRM-free, on Desura:

Desura Digital Distribution

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