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Personal game project - "Julai". Julai - is an arcade flight shooter.

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My name is Gennady Guryanov.
I'm a 3d artist and level designer, and hobby-programmer.
This post about my indie game project - "Julai".
Did it for 2 years with C# learning.

Julai - is an arcade flight shooter. The idea of ​​the game is to destroy enemies in exchange for points, and upgrade player's ship functionality.The game takes place on the fictional planet of metal, and beside her.

Key features of the game:
■ Horizontal-endless game world;
■ Player can fly in any direction from game start;
■ Several sublevels of the surrounding area;
■ Changing weather at the surface of the planet;
■ Various types of opponents (classic fighters, fighter drills clinging to the ship, turret...);
■ Relatively free configuration of form and function of the player ship: various types of weapons, armor, engines. Every part of ship makes impact on its functionality;
■ Every detail can be picked up by player in a variety of points of the game world as a bonus;
■ In addition of the arbitrary control of the ship, the player can use the "detail" - autopilot (in the case of receipt of the bonus);
■ Every detail of the player ship can accumulate or temporarily withdraw from the ship through the construction yard;
■ Player ship death occurs in case of loss or destruction of the pilot cabin.

System Requirements:
OS: Windows Vista or Higher (32-bit or higher)
Processor: Core i3 generation or better
Videocard: NVIDIA GT640 or better
DirectX: 9.0

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