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Post news RSS Journey Start - 08/22/2013

I know nobody will read this now, but I hope in few weeks the Project gain Fans and people Who want join this.

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I don't Know if it's gonna be a start of a successful Game, But I believe it.(It's to soon to show something interesting, but as the things start to grow I will show what supposed to be.)Alright, let's put the cards in the Table:
-> Project: Create a First Person Game based on The Hunger Games.
-> Name: The Hunger Games, The Game (at first);
-> Developer: Bj Pro. (My pseudo company);
-> System: Windows;
-> Engine: At first Unity 3D, but studying possibilities; -> Mission: Try to recruit people with capacity in Creation/Edition;
-> Objective: Always have fun;
-> Forecast: Unthinkable;
-> Expectation: The more positive the world.

- Baby Steps, but with great expectations.
Visit my YT Page: www.youtube.com/user/TheStruck
Stay Good !

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